[Accessibility-testing] A rough schedule for 2018

Jason McIntosh jmac at jmac.org
Tue Feb 13 17:37:44 EST 2018

Howdy all,

This is me looking back at my bullet-point email of January 30, tempering it with more recent discussion, and quite unscientifically covering it to a few calendar-placeable milestones, in an attempt to give us some semblance of pacing and deadline. How does this look:

• March 1 through May 31: The team uses this three-month period to develop all the material and policies needed to hold the Testathon.
	• Materials:
		• Test games, and other AT-exercising executable material
		• Documentation for testers about how to run the tests (not just “here’s how to play IF” but “here’s what information we’re looking for, and how you should be set up for this”)
		• Surveys for testers to fill out
	• Policies:
		• An agreed-upon matrix of the assistive technologies (Y-axis) and IF technologies (X-axis) we plan to test.
		• Our methods for recruit and possibly compensate testers (gift cards and whatnot).
		• Agreement on which communities we’ll seek testers from, and in what order.
	• If time allows, we can certainly get a head start on recruitment during this phase, too.

• June 1 through July 30: OMG the Testathon!
	• The recruits get to work, supplying us with surveys according to their own ability & resources.
	• We continue to recruit testers during this time
	• The team can certainly also act as testers, and indeed lead by example this way.
	• The team will publicize what parts of the test-matrix need more coverage. (And otherwise keep communications up with the testers to make them feel important and useful and awesome, coz they are.)
	• The team can actively decide whether to widen the recruitment call (e.g. to the general, non-assistive-tech-using IF community) if we’re feeling low on coverage. (Should this be split out into a different phase?)

• August 31: We deliver the report.
	• The accessibility team crunches the results of the testathon, and delivers a report on its data, conclusions, and recommendations. IFTF publishes this somewhere permanent.
	• Report includes documentation of methodology, which serve as instructions for anyone in the future to repeat this feat, at any scale.
	• Team decides whether to run more tests, or wrap up.


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