[Accessibility-testing] Reviewing 2017 discussion before next actions

Jason McIntosh jmac at jmac.org
Thu Feb 22 17:05:51 EST 2018

Hi gang,

Our agreed-upon lets-get-to-work date of March 1 a week away (February is very short!), so I’d like to prime the pump a bit by suggesting some review of past discussion, with an eye for next actions.

I’d like to direct everyone to re-read the mailing list thread from June 2017 with the subject line “Testathon Pre-Planning”; if anyone’s missing this from their mail archives, let me know and I’ll bounce a copy to you.

Particularly between June 9 and June 26, this thread contains a lot of great discussion that directly ties into what I see as our first actions:

• Creating a definitive list of the IF gameplay technologies we wish to test. This will include documented criteria for why we chose the techs that we did.

• Agreeing on a list of accessibility challenges that should be present in the test games that we will present to our volunteer testers. (For example: illustrations, sounds, timed input, self-modifying hyperlink text…) This will include documented criteria for *why* things are on this list, so that future IF a11y improvers can extend the list as needed. I expect our choices will be informed by our knowledge, as IF players, of what one is more likely to encounter in a typical IF work.

It’s a long thread, so I’ll just leave that as everyone's homework (including mine!) for the time being. Anyone should feel free to respond to points from it here if they are so inspired, but other than that I plan on launching some first-launch discussion from it next week.

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