[Accessibility-testing] Linux Interpreters

Zachary Kline zkline at speedpost.net
Fri Jul 13 14:45:58 EDT 2018

OK, I can address some of this stuff, as I play IF semi-regularly on Linux.

To begin with, the interpreters are going to be DIY in most all cases, especially the terminal-based ones. You typically download the I/O library, compile it, and then compile your interpreter to use it. I typically do this by hand, even using something like arch, i’ve had mixed success with the package system over the years.

You will want a Glulx interpreter, of which the two main choices for the command-line are git and Glulxe. The former is notably faster. You will also need a GLK library, of which glkterm or glktermw are going to be our best choices. 

If you download the GLK library and unpack it, you should be able to compile it. You might need to go in and edit the Makefile first. It should leave you with a library file in the source directory, which you will be linking to your Glulx interpreter in the next bit.

If you download and unpack your interpreter, you should see a few lines in the Makefile, of which you will need to pick/uncomment the ones that refer to glkterm. Doing this should allow the program to find the library you compiled previously and link properly. 

I hope this helps, I’m afraid I’m not qualified to answer the Android question.

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