[Accessibility-testing] July 16 2018 meeting summary

Jason McIntosh jmac at jmac.org
Fri Jul 20 11:23:24 EDT 2018

Present: jmac, zarf, austin, deborah. (Mark, Claire, and Zack all popped in to say hi but couldn’t hang out.)

• We discussed the two test game drafts. And I see some discussion on the list since then regarding this topic, so direct your attention there for followup.

• We agreed to add an Android Glulx interpreter called Fabularium to the list of platforms to test.

• Our text matrix will launch already partially covered, due to people on this team already coming across some highly obvious, platform-level accessibility flaws while trying to run the test games. (And this is a good thing.)

• The games’ tester surveys should mix questions about what the authors intended to be hard (or anyway challenging from an accessibility perspective), and what our own team members found difficult. We should hash these out in list discussion.

• It’s now mid-summer and we’ve got some good momentum, so we should think about deadlines again. (Specifically, Deborah suggested starting out with an internal deadline for test-game feedback.) I’ll start coordinating this.

Next meeting set for Monday, July 30 at 6 PM.

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