[Accessibility-testing] Plotting out the rest of the year

Jason McIntosh jmac at jmac.org
Sat Jul 28 16:54:29 EDT 2018

On Jul 20, 2018, at 11:23 AM, Jason McIntosh <jmac at jmac.org> wrote:

> • It’s now mid-summer and we’ve got some good momentum, so we should think about deadlines again. (Specifically, Deborah suggested starting out with an internal deadline for test-game feedback.) I’ll start coordinating this.

I’d like to meet our main goal, delivering a report to the community, within calendar-year 2018. Practically speaking, that means that I’d like to have collected everything we need for that report by mid-November, before what I call “the holiday vortex” makes coordinating anything difficult for a couple of months. (As this team has already experienced a couple of times, ha ha.)

There are 16 weeks between Monday July 30 and Monday November 19. That means eight more two-week periods, assuming that we keep to our biweekly checkin pace for the remainder of the project. I would propose an aim to fill them up this way:

1. (Due: Aug 6) Complete development of the two games, and build a draft of our testing matrix, including a reasonably finalized list of accessibly technologies and conditions to cover.

2. (Aug 20) Complete internal testing and critique of the two games. Revise the testing matrix based on prior discussion, as well as its internal application to the test games.

3. (Sep 3) Gut check: Should we continue with wide testing, or should we present what we have (including testing and observations provided from our own team’s accessibility experts) and call it good?

If we decide to call it a day, then we take an abbreviated path that sidesteps the remainder of this schedule. We’ll start preparing the final public deliverables early, and otherwise wrap up.

If we decide to carry on with wider-scale testing, then we should start preparing the surveys as well as any other preparatory material we plan to distribute to testers.

4. (Sept 17) Start recruiting testers outside the group. I might suggest beginning with a few “hand-picked” testers so that we can “test the tests” and make sure that our process works at all, refining it based on their feedback.

5. (Oct 1) Start performing wider-scale recruiting.

6. (Oct 15) Commence wider-scale testing and data collection.

7. (Nov 5) Continue testing.

8. (Nov 19) Gather up our collected data and materials and draft a report to the IF community.


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