[Accessibility-testing] both games and voice/keyboard accessibility

Andrew Plotkin erkyrath at eblong.com
Mon Jul 30 21:54:17 EDT 2018

On Tue, 17 Jul 2018, deborah.kaplan at suberic.net wrote:

> Andrew, could you add punctuation to the RTL languages? I want to make sure 
> it appears in the correct places. (That's one of the most common problems 
> with RTL display; it's not strictly an accessibility issue except inasmuch as 
> it is cognitive accessibility.) Ideally, not just closing punctuation, but 
> something in phrase, like a comma.

Following up very late: can you point at examples? I just threw "Employees 
must wash hands" into Google Translate.

I could put in "Employees must wash hands, please." I guess I'll try that.

> In the browser (Firefox/Windows and Safari/iOS), all of the signs displayed 
> correctly, although like I said I am not sure about punctuation in the RTL 
> languages. In Gargoyle, the Hebrew displayed LTR, and the Arabic, emoji, and 
> Japanese displayed as question marks. (Also I'm pretty sure the question 
> marks for the Arabic were LTR.) I assume this was just a bug in Windows 
> gargoyle, But to be fair, as far as I could tell the markup did not include 
> and dir tags on the RTL.

Gargoyle uses a text-display library which (I think) is just not 

Lectrote (and the browser interpreter) relies entirely on the browser to 
display blocks of Unicode text correctly. It doesn't try to add any 
markup. The Inform compiler doesn't have any facility beyond "spit out 
this block of Unicode text", so it's possible that further improvements 
will require compiler changes.


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