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Fri Aug 11 16:00:05 EDT 2017

Dear friends of IFTF,

We're in the middle of IFComp season, but also have news about our ongoing
efforts to maintain and host the history of interactive fiction. As a
reminder, registrations are open until September 1st and entries are due by
September 28th. (http://blog.iftechfoundation.org/2017-07-02-ifcomp-is-open-

IFComp is the oldest continuously-running game competition on the internet,
and our Board member Chris Klimas blogged about the first year it was held,
in 1995. See his entry for some interesting tidbits about the first comps. (

Jason McIntosh shared the behind-the-scenes view on our archiving system,
unveiling the new Linode VPS that we'll use to host the IF Archive. Thanks
to your generous donations, we're able to maintain the historical archives
of interactive fiction. This new machine follows a naming convention
familiar to anyone who experienced the Great Underground Empire: See his
entry to learn how we name our machines! (http://blog.iftechfoundation.

Finally, we have a transparency update. Part of our mission is to be a
transparent and accountable resource for the interactive fiction community.
To further that mission, we announced our public Github repository, where
we host the code and content that runs the IFComp site, along with our
documents and some other collected tools. Get the full story in our July
30th blog entry. (http://blog.iftechfoundation.org/2017-07-30-iftfs-github-

We're sorry for the lateness of this issue; we were originally hoping to
publish our interview with new board member Judith Pintar but ran into a
delay. That will arrive in your next newsletter, due for the first week of

Thank you for reading and your continued support of our work. Please let us
know if you have feedback, questions, or comments.
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