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Mon Jun 5 10:56:00 UTC 2017

*You didn't miss an issue: we've just changed how we title our newsletters.
Previously, we'd use the previous month in the subject, but that's been
confusing for our readers. Moving forward, we'll continue to summarize the
past month, but will title our newsletters with the current month. Our
apologies for any confusion we've caused!*

Dear friends of IFTF,

We're pleased to announce that we'll be maintaining an archive of the
thousands of Twine works on Philome.la. Board member Chris Klemas reports
on the work, conducted with Colin Marc and the rest of the Philome.la team,
and notes that we'll be able to provide this service to other IF resource
hosts moving forward. To learn more, see the blog entry (
or email us (info at iftechfoundation.org).

Chris is also looking for a new member for the Twine committee. Volunteers
should be committed to supporting and improving Twine, and able to
represent the interests of the diverse Twine community. Email
info at iftechfoundation.org to learn more or volunteer.

Board members Jason McIntosh and Andrew Plotkin both found themselves
speaking at !!Con (pronounced "bang-bang con") in New York City last month.
Of particular interest to our members, Andrew spoke about Glk, the
virtual-machine technology he built for parser IF. We've linked to a video
of his talk and a blog entry of additional thoughts he had. (
http://blog.iftechfoundation.org/2017-05-19-iftf-attended-con.html). Jason
also notes that !!Con presents a great model for a small, inclusive, and
successful conference themed around creative technology, something of
special interest to our organization.

Board member Flourish Klink touched on the perennial debate about games
versus art, stating our view that interactive fiction can and does hold
literary merit. In her entry (
http://blog.iftechfoundation.org/2017-05-27-literature.html) she's also
collected a few examples of experimental card games presented as novels,
and a little on the history of interactive fiction.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on this newsletter or any other
thoughts to share. Thank you as always for your support and interest in the
Foundation and interactive fiction!

David Streever
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