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Fri Sep 8 14:42:08 EDT 2017

Dear friends of IFTF,

If you registered for IFComp, please make sure to upload your entry
shortly; final submissions from entrants are due by September 28th. If you
missed the registration deadline, you can still participate by judging
games (entries go public on October 1st), or by donating to the Colossal
Fund. This fund is for our first ever cash prize pool for the top entrants.
We're just under $5,000 of our $6,000 goal, so please donate at the
Competition website. (http://ifcomp.org)

We welcome Dan Cox and Colin Marc to our Twine committee. Dan is a graduate
student who has produced dozens of tutorials for Twine 1 and 2, which he
publishes on YouTube. Colin is the maintainer of Philomela, a free hosting
site for Twine works. He currently hosts more than 13,000 pieces. Learn
more about the committee, Dan, and Colin in our August 6 blog entry. (

We've completed our adoption of the IF Archive, and made a few enhancements
to the website, primarily focused on security and rights management. Learn
more about the system--and why we made these changes--in our August 11 blog
entry. (

We've finalized our interview with new board member Judith Pintar, with
special thanks to Flourish Klink for her editing skills. Please read the
interview in its entirety on our blog: (

We'll be announcing our next interview soon. If you've been forwarded this
email, please signup for our newsletter (
http://iftechfoundation.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/friends) to keep in

Thank you for your support. Please let us know if you have feedback,
questions, or comments.
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