[Accessibility-testing] both games and voice/keyboard accessibility

Jason McIntosh jmac at jmac.org
Fri Jul 20 16:30:07 EDT 2018

On Jul 17, 2018, at 5:39 PM, deborah.kaplan at suberic.net wrote:
> A Night below the Opera:
> (Disclaimer: I didn't get very far. I got one sandal and one glove, and I kept getting points by washing my hands but I think that was the only points thing I got.)

Thank you for this thorough report, Deborah!

One note about ANBtO: we did discuss on Monday that the game needs to be more clear about having a goal (in this case, finding five treasures), keeping the player informed about how close they are in reaching it, and coming to an obvious end once they do.

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