Accessibility Testing Project Committee


The Accessibility Testing Project Committee of IFTF will organize an project (“the Testathon”) to test interactive fiction software for adherence to best practices in user accessibility. This project will document the current state of IF software and provide resources to aid the accessibility work of future IF developers.

This is an ad-hoc committee; it will dissolve once its mission is complete.


The Committee shall be granted all powers granted to the Board of Directors relevant to these operations except:

  1. Those that are specifically denied under the IFTF Bylaws.
  2. The sale or purchase of assets worth greater than $500.
  3. Borrowing money or assuming any long term liabilities.
  4. Entering into any contract or agreement worth more than $5,000.

The Committee shall be restricted to only those activities that are consistent with IFTF’s tax exempt status.


The Committee shall:

  1. Organize and operate the Testathon project, testing the accessibility of IF software (including development tools, player applications, and games).
  2. Thoroughly document the project, including its goals, its procedures, and its results.
  3. Create resources to aid developers in testing and improving accessibility of future IF software.
  4. Publish all this material on the IFTF web site.
  5. Based on the project’s results, recommend follow-up actions to improve the accessibility of IF tools.

The IFTF Board of Directors may add or remove tasks from time to time.


The Committee shall consist of at least one and at most eleven members. The Board of Directors shall always have at least one representative on the Committee. The Committee shall ensure adequate membership to carry out its responsibilities.

One person shall be appointed the Committee Chair and will coordinate the activities of the other members. The Chair will be responsible for reporting activities to the Board of Directors.

The initial membership of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. Thereafter, members of the Committee shall be elected by a majority vote of the Committee. Any member can be removed by a majority vote of the Committee. At any time, a member can be added, removed, or replaced by the Board of Directors.


The Committee must meet at least once. Meetings may be held through any mutually agreed-upon channel. The Committee shall provide a report of all recent operations at least once every two months.


The Committee shall serve until its responsibilities are met, or until dissolved by the Board of Directors.