IFTF manages a range of programs in service to our mission.

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Active programs

The Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

The Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp) is a yearly festival that invites the world to share, play, and judge new works from independent IF creators. IFComp has been running since 1995, which makes it the world’s oldest continuously operational exposition for noncommercial video games. It is free, open to the public, and held entirely online. Its website showcases past entries and winners, allowing visitors to experience the history of IF first-hand.

Jason McIntosh has been the competition’s organizer since 2014. IFComp has operated since 2016 under the stewardship of IFTF, by way of its IFComp standing committee. The software, servers, and other resources that keep the competition running smoothly are supported by your generosity.

Accessibility Testing Project

Interactive fiction has always been an accessible medium. IF stories are primarily text-based and tend to unfold at a pace set by the player. Therefore, IF presents significantly fewer barriers for players with disabilities than most other kinds of video games. However, as IF creation and play technologies advance in new directions, accessibility doesn’t always receive the attention that it deserves.

In late 2016, IFTF launched a project to test IF software for adherence to best practices in user accessibility. The Accessibility Testing Committee will run a test program for popular IF tools and games, and will create permanent accessibility guidelines for future IF work.

The Interactive Fiction Archive

The history of the modern IF community — or, we should say, one major modern IF community — is preserved at the IF Archive. Since 1992, the Archive has provided a stable foundation for IF culture, including many open-source IF tools and ongoing traditions such as IFComp.

Since 2017, the IF Archive has operated under IFTF stewardship, by way of the IF Archive standing committee.

Twine stewardship and development

Twine is a free tool which lets creators of all skill levels make hypertext-based interactive fiction. Invented by IFTF co-founder Chris Klimas in 2009, it has grown rapidly in popularity and importance. Twine’s diverse userbase includes Hollywood studios, schools, and disadvantaged creative communities.

Today, IFTF’s Twine standing committee explores ways to provide legal and financial support to both the Twine project and its community infrastructure. We aim to ensure Twine’s continued high quality and free availability, without affecting any of the licenses or practices which have allowed Twine development to thrive.

IF and education

IFTF’s standing education committee promotes the teaching of IF in order to broaden its use beyond its cultural niche and to raise its profile in the gaming world.

An interactive fiction convention

IFTF is currently pursuing a plan to run a convention (or conference) in 2019, in the Boston area. This will be a gathering for lovers of interactive fiction, narrative games, adventure games — all the forms of story-forward interactivity. (Read our original announcement about it.)

We don’t yet have a date, a location, or even a name for the event. Join our con mailing list for news and announcements when we have them!

The event will be managed by IFTF’s conference standing committee.