Communications Committee


IFTF’s Communications Committee serves to inform, inspire and engage our community through transparent communication about IFTF, as well as news and features from the wider world of interactive fiction technology. The committee promotes our international reach by sourcing diverse, transnational content and encourages the growth of IFTF through meaningful engagement with current and potential members.

The committee also seeks to establish and maintain regular communication with the community through a variety of channels, including IFTF’s newsletter, blog posts, and social media.


The Committee shall be granted all powers granted to the Board of Directors relevant to these operations except:

  1. Those that are specifically denied under the IFTF Bylaws.
  2. The sale or purchase of assets worth greater than $500 per calendar year.
  3. Borrowing money or assuming any long term liabilities.
  4. Entering into any contracts or agreements worth more than $5,000 in total per calendar year.

The Committee shall be restricted to only those activities that are consistent with IFTF’s tax exempt status.


The Committee shall develop a set of tasks each year and report these to the IFTF Board of Directors. Generally speaking, these tasks should relate to IFTF communications such as:

  1. Organizing and developing the newsletter, blog and social content of IFTF program activities, as well as the IFTF website at
  2. Supporting IF public discussion on the IFTF section of the Intfiction forum
  3. Maintaining and evolving the IFTF website. While the Committee is not solely responsible for day-to-day content updates, it will be responsible for significant updates, design refreshes, or content development.
  4. Researching and then advising the IFTF Board of Directors regarding funding strategies for these activities, which might include new content for publication. The committee will work with the Board in pursuing appropriate strategies.

The IFTF Board of Directors may add or remove tasks from time to time.


The Committee shall consist of at least four members. The Board of Directors shall always have at least one representative on the committee. The Committee shall ensure adequate membership to carry out the tasks specified in the section titled “Responsibilities”.

The initial membership of the Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. Members shall serve for 2 year terms. There shall be no limit to the number of terms any member may serve.

One person shall be appointed the Communication Committee Chair and will coordinate the activities of the other members. The Chair will be responsible for reporting activities to the Board of Directors.

Members of the Committee shall be nominated by the Committee. New members shall be elected by a majority vote of the Committee. Any member can be removed by a majority vote of the Committee. At any time, a member can be added, removed, or replaced by the Board of Directors. In the event of the death, resignation, or removal of a member, the Committee shall elect a new member.


The committee must meet at least four times per year. Meetings may be held through any mutually agreed-upon channel. The Committee shall provide a report of all recent operations at monthly board meetings.


The Committee shall serve until dissolved by the Board of Directors.