Interactive Fiction Competition Achieves Record Number of Entries

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 13 October 2016—The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation (IFTF) is proud to announce that the prestigious Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp) has received a record-breaking 58 entries this year, the first year it has been a project of IFTF.

IFComp was founded in 1995 by Kevin Wilson and has taken place annually ever since—that is, for the past 22 years. It is the world’s oldest continuously operating annual open-entry game design competition, and games entered run the gamut of interactive fiction, from parser games to hypertext works to experimental multimedia experiences. IFComp judging is open to everyone: simply go to and play and rate at least five games. Reviews can be shared and discussion about the entrants takes place largely on Twitter using the #IFComp hashtag, or at the forums.

The 58 entries to IFComp this year outdoes the previous record, 53 entries, from 2000 and 2015. “The number of entries in IFComp represents the world’s ever-growing interest in interactive fiction,” says Jason McIntosh, organizer of IFComp since 2014. “We’re thrilled to see such a diversity of works entered, and are expecting a record-breaking numbers of judges this year as well. We welcome anyone to come by the website, read the judging rules, and actively participate in a year full of amazing new work!”

The judging period began on October 1 and ends on November 15, with results announced shortly afterwards. Notably, IFComp’s prizes are donated by the public. There are currently over two dozen prizes for winners, ranging from money to games to original artwork. The public can support IFComp by judging games, but also by donating prizes, contributing money to IFTF for server costs, and by volunteering. To learn more, visit IFComp’s website and IFTF’s website.


For further information or to set up an interview, please contact IFTF: Photographs and a fact sheet are also available on request.