Judges Sought - 2018 Interactive Fiction Competition

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 24 October 2018–The 24th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp) is in full swing, with over seventy-five brand new games. Entries run the gamut of interactive fiction, from parser to hypertext to experimental multimedia experiences.

“We’ve traditionally promoted IFComp to encourage as many games as possible,” said Jacqueline Ashwell, IFComp’s organizer for 2018. “For the second year in a row now we’ve got a huge crop of games, so we’re shifting our focus more toward attracting judges. Authors benefit from having a significant number of ratings, provided by a diverse audience. More feedback helps them hone their craft, and the entire gaming community benefits as a result.” Many of the notable games in IF history began as IFComp entries, and entrants of previous IFComps have gone on to successful careers in the games industry.

Anyone who wants to participate can help judge the competition. The requirement is that you play and vote on at least five games. Visit https://ifcomp.org to see what’s on offer. The site makes it easy to choose games that will appeal to a judge’s available schedule and preferences, with each game’s estimated playtime, genre, content warnings, and more.

IFComp is the oldest continuously-operating annual open-entry game design competition. It is managed by the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation, a community-supported non-profit which helps to ensure the continued improvement and growth of this art form.

Voting is open through November 15, 2018.


For further information or to set up an interview, please contact Jacqueline Ashwell: ifcomp@ifcomp.org; 808-670-8771.